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Golden Fresh Fried Onion Granule (Brown) INR   350 INR  331.5

Golden Fresh Fried Onion Granule (Brown)

OFFER: Buy 2 Kg and Get 500 Gms FREE!!!! Fried Fresh Onion uses for various foods preparation, and delivering the authentic incredible taste of onion flavor. The finest of ingredients and condiments to ensure that every Mughlai Dish you serve is delicious. Onion Granule is very handy and reduce time spent in Kitchen. Burj Delhi's products are quality tasted and freshness dates. Now Buy Online. There are available in:- 1 Kg , 500 gms, 250 gms Crispy fresh fried Onion granules Shelf Life : 6 Months

INR 331.5 INR 350


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